Making Males Surrender to Pleasure

The “Sacred Spot”, is known as the prostate gland. In fact, the Sacred Spot is Sanskrit for prostate gland. According to Tantric belief, the Sacred Spot is where the primal urges of a man lie. In other words, the Sacred Spot is the center of his desire.


Doctor’s Perspective

Think for a second why doctors ask their prostate patients if they are stressed. It is because any built up tension or emotional distress builds up in the prostate gland. Any s


Why get a Prostate Massage?

If you want to get rid of all the anger, tension, mind frustration, confusion and stress in your life, then a prostate message is a great massage to get. The best part is that your body’s own energy is used to actually heal itself.

After the massage, your body will feel rejuvenated. The blood flow around the Sacred Spot will increase and the muscles around them will ease up. In the end, you will feel as if any burdens you had are all gone; the ultimate release.

How is a Prostate Massage Service is Performed?



First, the environment must be cleansed of any and all worldly frustrations. In other words, the space around the massage table will be cleared, made serene and dim. This helps the receiver concentrate on the massage rather than any worldly matters. In most cases, scented candles are also lit in order to please the senses.

Next, the giver of the prostate massage will educate you on the proper breathing techniques. Breathing is a vital aspect of a prostate massage. Without breathing properly, and as one, true pleasure and release cannot be attained.

A prostate massage is one that will require a lot of intimate contact between the giver and receiver. The massage proceeds with proper breathing and relaxation. This helps the receiver relax facilitating.

The giver will lubricate and slowly massage it through the receiver’s anus.Slowly and very gently, the area around the Sacred Spot is stimulated. From the outside in, the area in and around the Sacred Spot is massaged with varying pressures. The best part of a prostate massage is that you are not allowed to reach your climax quickly. The receiver will alternate between hands, pressures and speeds in order to make you truly surrender yourself. Constant teasing and excitation will make your sense go crazy and wild with primal pleasure. The masseuse will make you want more pleasure and excitement.

At this point, your Sacred Spot is stimulated in a way that will make you literally beg for more. This continues until you cannot bear the ecstasy any more. We will leave the final aspects to your imagination.

A Prostate massage is quite easily one of the greatest massages any man can receive. It will him feeling more relaxed than any other massage. It will leave him more in control of him emotions and his life. You will feel as if your life has taken a drastic change.

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