The female Yoni is known as the “Sacred Temple” in Sanskrit. The Yoni is more than you know it to be. It is through this temple that life is created. It is where the inner energy of a woman are stored. A Yoni massage helps a woman release her inner Goddess and become a tranquil and sublime being.

Women are more sensual than men are; it’s a fact. A female can have an orgasm by simply touching herself; they are that sensitive and powerful. A female’s senses have to be touched and stimulated to arousal in order to achieve orgasm. Scented candles, dim lights and clear space are all used to make the surrounding space tranquil and serene.

The aim of these additions is to help the receiver of the massage relax. The aim of the scented candles and dim lights is to envelop the senses and make the receiver concentrate only on the massage she is about to receive.

In any Tantric massage, it is vital that both the giver and receiver breathe as one. It goes without saying that a Yoni massage is no different. When the receiver and giver both breathe as one, they will connect on a deep and spiritual level. This promotes trust and enhances the effects of a Yoni massage. It also promotes relaxation.

In a Yoni massage, the receiver has to be first completely relaxed. In order to achieve a heightened state of arousal, a female must be completely relaxed. The crown is first massaged, followed by the neck, shoulders, collar bone, breasts, stomach, sides, thighs, feet and then back up to the thighs and then to the yoni.

This single massage technique is enough to send any female’s mind into ecstasy and relax her. This may be repeated if necessary. Then, a generous amount of oil is dripped over the yoni, where it is allowed to trickle down and succumb the yoni mound and the yoni itself. Slowly and very gently, the outer lips of the Yoni are massaged, with the oil being spread over them.

The inner lips are then massaged in much the same fashion. The hands of the giver will caress and tease each part slowly, ensuring the receiver does not climax too fast. The pressure applied to the various parts of the Yoni are alternated, as are the hands. When the giver reaches the clitoris, it is gently squeezed and excited in gentle circular strokes.

Finally, with the female receiver going wild with pleasure, the middle finger is inserted into the Yoni. The G-spot is then reached and massaged with a ‘come hither’ action. Even now, the female receiver is not allowed to climax. Her Sacred Temple is explored and teased until she cannot take bear any more. Here, she is allowed to let go of any emotions and frustrations and unleash her inner Goddess.

After release, the female is covered and allowed to reflect over the experience while her Yoni processes everything.

A Yoni massage can be one of the most sensual and gratifying experiences any woman goes through. It leaves her completely relaxed, revitalized and sensually awaken.

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