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Top tantric massage therapists Singapore with unique magical touch that will literally drive your sense wild.

Tantric Massage Singapore

Sensual Massage Singapore
lingam massage service in singapore

Lingam Massage

The Lingam is the sacred male organ. The Lingam is quite simply a reproductive organ and nothing more. However, there is a reason why the Lingam is known as the “Wand of Light”

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Yoni Massage

The female Yoni is known as the “Sacred Temple” in Sanskrit. The Yoni is more than you know it to be. It is through this temple that life is created. It is where the sensual energy of a woman are stored


Tantric Massage

A Tantric massage is truly a magical experience that lets your mind drift off into bliss while your body channels its positive energy to heal and arouse you

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Prostate Massage

If you want to get rid of all the anger, tension, mind frustration, confusion and stress in your life, then a prostate message is a great massage to get.

Sensual Massage Singapore

Sensual experience through massage is perceived and appealing through our senses and makes us to feel good with the pleasing touches.

Unique sensual massage technique perfectly paired with essential oil contain the scents to help keep movement over body smooth and flowing to sensation massage, soothe and relax the recipient and move into harder techniques as the massage progresses and boost circulation and blood flow to remove negative energy and level cortisol. Refreshing after a tiring work day for a healing purpose include a spiritual aspect as well as physical aspect.

Benefit of Tantric Massage Singapore


We offer the best  sensual tantric massage service in Singapore, Tantric massage is a type of massage based on the fundamental belief of channeling nature chakra energy to our inner body, to purge clean and restore the purest harmony of our soul. If you’re experiencing excessive stress, easily tired, low desire in sensual drive, then you should probably try tantra massage. According to our customers, many of them were able to restored a healthier harmony in mind after attended the tantra massage service we performed. Our Tantra Massage service give the ultimate touch of sensual relaxation to human bodies, and it also help to promote a healthier yet positive mindset

Sensual massage service in Singapore

Outcall massage services available

One of the biggest questions we get asked is why people should choose Tantric massages above all others and our reason is simple. With the wide host of benefits for different sexes, why not? Rather than using some herb or stone, why not use your own energy and heal yourself? Rather than being temporarily relaxed, why not have your body enter tranquility and serenity for a long time?

How to make an appointment?

1. Before making an appointment, please be absolutely sure that you intend to keep it. You may not realize it, but when you reserve a time, it will be the only session your tantrica will schedule on that day.

2. You may then book an appointment, click here


Payment Terms

Top Tantric Massage accepts only CASH payment in Singapore dollars (SGD) and all foreign currencies. Currency exchange rate will be based on XE currency. A 10% administrative fee applies for payment made with foreign currencies.


Outcall Service

Top Tantric Massage provides only outcall service. Nothing is better than a massage in a trusted environment where you can relax and sense the benefits of a body massage.

*Hotel, Condo and Private Apartments are welcome.


Standard Hour (10am – 10pm)

60 mins S$ 200
90 mins S$ 300 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 380

After Hour (10pm – 3am)

60 mins S$ 230
90 mins S$ 330 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 400

Out-of-town (10am – 10pm)

60 mins S$ 230
90 mins S$ 330 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 400

Out-of-town (10pm – 3am)

60 mins S$ 250
90 mins S$ 350 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 430

For Couple / 4 Hands (10am – 3am)

60 mins S$***
90 mins S$***
120 mins S$***
***Please call us for enquiry