Tantric Massage Singapore

A Tantric massage is truly a magical experience that lets your mind drift off into bliss while your body channels its sensual energy to heal and arouse you. A Tantric massage lets your spirit transcend into peace and tranquility while your inner harmony heightens to levels you never thought possible.

The massage technique is thousands of years old. It has helped relax and benefit both men and women.

Tantric massages rely on sensual touch, deep-tissue massaging and breathing to propel the mind into sensual bliss and the body into a trance-like state. The massage follows the core elements of Tantric and uses the body’s energy to heal itself.


Overwhelming the Sense


One of the most important aspects of a Tantric massage is the space and atmosphere around you. To enjoy a Tantric massage, the receiver’s senses have to be submerged in relaxation and ecstasy.

Sight – The room is dimly lit so that the receiver sees only himself and the therapist. During a massage, nothing should be visible than your own body and your therapist.

Sound – Most therapists play calming sounds in the background to soothe the ears.

Taste – Some therapists may even offer a palate of delectable food in order to enhance the experience.

Smell – Scented candles are usually lit in Tantric massages to entice your sense of smell. This helps relax the receiver and creates a pleasant environment.

Touch – Touch is the most important sense to entice. Your Tantric therapist will play with this sense so expect immense pleasure and relaxation.

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