Lingam Massage Service



The Lingam is the sacred male organ. According to common belief, the Lingam is quite simply a reproductive organ and nothing more. However, there is a reason why the Lingam is known as the “Wand of Light”. In Tantric, the Lingam is a very sacred object that is given a very high level of respect.


What exactly is a Lingam Massage?


A Lingam massage is the massage of the sacred male organ. However, the aim of this massage is to release built up sexual tension by channeling the energy within the Lingam. If a professional therapist does this massage correctly, there are quite a number of effects that can be attained.

Some of the most profound benefits include:

  • Enhanced ejaculatory control
  • Improved blood circulation to the Lingam
  • Intense sexual pleasure
  • Significant alleviation of sexual tension
  • Enhanced sensitivity
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • Curing premature ejaculation
  • Reduction of pain, stress and depression

How is the Massage Performed?



Initially, the therapist will go over the various breathing techniques. These techniques are essential if the full benefits of a Lingam massage are to be attained. Remember, ejaculation is not the goal of this massage but rather the release of bodily emotions.As with all tantric massages, it is crucial that the man breathe as one with his masseuse. When she inhales, so must the receiver. Breathing as one will connect you and her on a deep emotional and spiritual level, elevating the effects of her touch to new heights.The receiver is placed on his back. A pillow is placed under his hips and head. This not only allows for a fully exposed Lingam, it allows the man to watch what the masseuse is doing, serving to heighten his pleasure. The massage commences when the neck and shoulder is gently massaged. This helps relax the man and makes him more sensitive to the Lingam massage. Slowly, the Tantric therapist moves down the body, covering every nook and cranny of his body. From the chest all the way down to the thighs, the receiver is pleasured and teased. This is where breathing is crucial. Not only does it help to elevate the effects of the massage, it helps the man control his ejaculation. With different hands, speeds and pressure, the Lingam is gently massaged. Warm oil is applied to increase the effect of the massage. The therapist moves from the shaft to the pubic bone and slowly back. Finally, the man’s “sacred spot” is massaged. This spot is where most of the sexual tension of a man resides. It is where the prostate can be felt. When the right amount of pressure is applied to the area, a man has no choice but to give in and surrender to the pleasure. A Lingam massage can be an intense experience for any man. It will leave the receiver feeling reinvigorated and more in control of his sexual urges. He will finally be able to control his ejaculatory response and heighten any and all future sexual experiences.