Lingam Massage Service



The Lingam is the sacred male organ. According to common belief, the Lingam is quite simply a reproductive organ and nothing more. However, there is a reason why the Lingam is known as the “Wand of Light”. In Tantric, the Lingam is a very sacred object that is given a very high level of respect.


What exactly is a Lingam Massage?


A Lingam massage is the massage of the sacred male organ. However, the aim of this massage is to release built up sensual tension by channeling the energy within the Lingam. If a professional therapist does this massage correctly, there are quite a number of effects that can be attained.

Some of the most profound benefits include:

  • Enhanced ejaculatory control
  • Improved blood circulation to the Lingam
  • Intense sensual pleasure
  • Significant alleviation of desire tension
  • Enhanced sensitivity
  • Improved harmony stamina
  • Curing premature ejaculation
  • Reduction of pain, stress and depression

Performing the true essence of Lingam massage with tantric energy


Lingam massage offers natural and deep healing for men hence it’s one of the most adapted medication in different parts of the world. The life changing moments that is offered by Lingam massage summaries all the steps not only for the reproductive health but extends to cover full body. When the massage is adopted, men get to enjoy one of the most unique moments that rarely happen.


Following the high demands that society has put on men and the deep connection that Lingam has with other body parts, receiving Lingam massage will give best experience for the health and physical body. To get the best out of the Lingam massage, here are some of the right steps to follow:


  • Have an intention setting.
  • Explore senses.
  • Have massage for the full body.
  • Lingam massage.
  • Energy sublimation.
  • Processing and integrating time.
  • End.


Getting started with Lingam massage. The processes is procedural and may take time before it’s achieved hence it requires some level of patience. Its first begins with the body where the body is made to relax to stay open to optimize on the Lingam massage.


The focus is later transferred to Lingam where the best result is expected for the massage procedure. During Lingam massage, the male genitals are taken through healthy procedures to make them get to the best state. Lingam massage requires maximum love and respect when it’s used to handle men. The kind of touch that awaits you during the Lingam massage requires adequate preparation to make men remain relaxed when the massage begins. A variety of strokes are available for use which will relate perfectly with the nature of touch. If you have never experienced pleasure before, then you are likely to have one of the best moments as you are likely to feel very pleasant. Even though it will be a touch on your Lingam, it will be done in the best way making it different from what you are used to from your lover or yourself.


What happens at Energy sublimation?

Feeling exhilarating is one of the great benefits, but bodily and emotional release is the ultimate goal of Lingam massage. Lingam massage can be very stimulating when it’s done by an experienced person. The genital area must be controlled and as the activation continues your lingam is taken outside. Lingam massage works uniquely to evenly spread the potent sexual energy to other parts of the body. Different people experience the move after the massage differently as it can be confusing not knowing whether to laugh or cry.


Whether you are considering Lingam massage for the first time or you have had it before, you can never get used to this massage. Some of the men who consider Lingam massage end up speaking in a way you can’t understand them or even scream sometime if the pleasure gets too much.


During Lingam massage, you should also expect some level of discomfort or pain which is within the expectations to enable healing. Within a duration of one hour, you will have Lingam massage done and your body restored. An expert will recommend the man undergoing Lingam massage to lie in order to allow the distribution of the energy. You are able to share the experience after the last stage when Lingam massage is closed.

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